Boppard and Rhine Valley Cruise in Germany

Boppard is a quaint little town lying in the Rhine Gorge in Germany. It is a World Heritage Site and a major tourism resort due to its beautiful and serene atmosphere. The peak season to visit Boppard is Summer when the cruise boats operate up and down the Rhine.

Boppard has so much to offer to anyone who visits the place. It was one of the most important Roman settlements in the Middle Rhine region and you can see the influence left behind. The most notable being the Roman Fort in the town centre.You can also visit the numerous gardens and parks, the museums, the churches and the Electoral castle.

The stretch of Rhine river on which Boppard is located (Rhine Gorge) and the valley is often called as "Romantic Rhine". This is because the place is so beautiful that it makes you romantic. No wonder many newly weds prefer to spend their honeymoon here.

You can also choose from nature walks, cycling, rock climbing, mountain biking, golf or boat trips. We opted for the Rhine Valley Cruise because the highlight of visit to Rhine has to be experiencing the Rhine valley from the river.

As you settle down for the cruise you are treated to awesome scenery, numerous castles and wonderful vineyards all along the route. It is an unforgettable experience. The stretch of Romantic Rhine has more than 50 castles and fortresses along its path. Amazing. We had never seen so many castles in a single day all within a few hours time.

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