The traditional windmills at Zaanse Schans near Amsterdam (Netherlands)

About half an hours drive from Amsterdam is Zaanse Schans which is home to a collection of historic windmills. The traditional windmills were built after 1574 and are a major tourist attraction with almost 9 lakh people visiting it every year.

Thousands of industrial windmills were built along the Zaan river. At present only 13 of these remain. Out of the 13, six are in Zaanse Schans. There are two smaller mills too at Zaanse Schans making it a total of 8 windmills which are:

The Houseman – Mustardmill
The Crowned Poelenburg – Sawmill
The Young Sheep – Sawmill
The Cloverleaf – Sawmill
The Cat – Dyemill
The Ox – Oilmill
The Seeker – Oilmill
The Motley Crew – Oilmill

To check the opening times of the windmills, you can contact the Windmill society at:
Windmill Society Association Zaansche Mill
Museumlaan 181.541 LP Koog aan de Zaan
P.O. Box 31.540 AA Koog aan de Zaan
Tel +31 (0) 75 6215148

The Zaanse Schans also has
- The Zaans museum
- Traditional Crafts and Shops (clog making, cheese making, pottery, paintings etc)
- River Cruises
- Restaurants
- Bakery Museum
- The Museum of the Dutch Clock
- Distillery museum & tasting room

For more information you can contact:
The Zaanse Schans Information Desk
Zaans Museum
Schansend 7, 1509 AW Zaandam
Tel +31 (0)75 681 00 00

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