Dover (UK) to Calais (France) by Sea France

You can travel to France (Calais) from Dover (England) by sea. Dover is called the "Gateway to England" and is one of the world's busiest ferry ports. It is the nearest UK Port to France at a distance of just 34 kms. Pretty near isn't it? It takes you about an hour or less to reach France from Dover. And ferries depart every half an hour.

Thousands of passengers, tourist coaches, cars, cyclists and trucks pass through Dover on ferries to France every day. It is an extremely busy port and boasts of state-of-the-art facilities. You will find Currency exchange counters (for all those last minute conversions), a Cafe, a Burger King outlet and shopping facilities.

A number of ferry operators provide travel services from Dover to Calais. We travelled with Sea France. There is also DFDS Seaways and P&O ferries.

The travel on Sea France was very comfortable. here are some pics of the interiors of Sea France.

The journey offers some really stunning views of the White Chalk Cliffs of Dover. Before air travel came into the picture, the sea route through Dover was the main route to the European continent and these white cliffs were the first or the last sight for travellers. Hence these cliffs have a symbolic value for UK.

The Port of Calais is also a well developed facility.

You can contact the ferry operators if you need information on sea travel between Dover and Calais.
DFDS Seaways - 0871 574 7235
P&O Ferries - 08716 64 64 64
SeaFrance - 0871 222 0711

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