The Lord Mayors Coach (London)

The Lord Mayor's coach is over 250 years old. It is used in the Lord Mayor's show every November. Last November when we had been to the Lord Mayors show - we spotted the coach carrying the new Mayor through the streets of London city. During other times the coach is housed in the Museum of London.

The coach is pulled by 6 horses and has beautiful decorations and paintings on it.

You can spot a Lion, a Swan, two Dragons and even a sheep :)

The Coachman's seat is no less. It is supported by tritons, mystical sea creatures and his footrest is formed from a scallops shell.

At the four corners of the coach are child angels or cherubs representing the four continents - Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

The back of the coach is decorated by the London city's coat of arms and also fire-breathing dragons :)

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