Antony House in Torpoint, Cornwall - the location for Walt Disneys Alice in Wonderland

One of the other places that we visited this weekend was the Antony House in Torpoint, Cornwall - this is where Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland was shot. This classic beautiful house is home to the Carew Pole family and contains a fine collection of paintings and furniture. The property includes landscaped gardens, a knot garden, and some modern sculptures.

This year the Antony house has been transformed to fit in with the Alice in Wonderland theme. At the entrance, you are greeted by a larger than life caterpillar. So cute.

The gardens are scattered with memorabilia from the movie - so you will find giant chess pieces under the Cork Oak tree.

You will also see the cunning Chesire cat inside a fantastic yew cone. Can you see me sitting inside the cone tree listening to the eerie cat?

Children will enjoy the ride through a rabbit hole into a beautiful oversized garden.

The rabbit hole!

This is where you end up when you travel through the rabbit hole.

You can also spot the rabbits clock and even Alice herself.

The gardens are lovely and match the movie theme.


  1. wow! that was brilliant! a virtual walk through one of the most famous fairy tales ever!!
    thank you for sharing!!


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