The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is the leading maritime museum of the UK and possibly the largest museum of its kind in the world. The museum houses more than 2 million objects relating to seafaring, navigation, astronomy and time measurement .

The collections include - books, navigational equipment, charts and maps, coins, medals, figureheads. flags, relics, ship models, ship plans, weapons, uniforms, fine art and may other things.

This exquisitely gilded barge (pictured below) was built for Prince Frederick, king George II's eldest son in 1732. It was used for royal occassions on the Thames until 1846. At 63 ft in length it is one of the museums largest objects. The barge was designed and built by John Hall. The carved work was executed by james Richards. 24-carat gold leaf was used to gild it.

Stained glass from the Baltic Exchange
The Virtue Windows - The subjects of these windows are the Virtues of Hope, Fortitude, Justice, Truth and Faith. This window shows the virtue of Hope which represents aspirations of happiness. Hope may also refer to the desire for victory and lasting peace. Hope is shown resting her right hand on an anchor, symbolic of the stability that she brings during times of difficulty.

The Half-Dome
The impressive half-dome, over three metres in height, is a fusion of classical and religious symbolism, which celebrates the heroism and triumph of war.In the dome is the winged figure of Victory who steps from a boat through the central archway of a Roman temple. Roman centurions and female figures welcome Victory, and the dove of peace can be seen flying above her head.

Neptune, the god of water and the sea (in Roman mythology) makes an appearance at the museum. Here he is seen explaining about the Ocean life to young kids.

A giant propellor in the museum

Optic from the Tarbat Ness Lighthouse

Miss Britain III pictured below was the first single-engined powerboat to exceed 100mph on open water and for several years remained the fastest in the world.

National Maritime Museum
Romney Road, Greenwich
London SE10 9NF

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