The Greenwich Park (and the Flower gardens)

The Greenwich Park in Greenwich, London is one of the oldest Royal Parks. The park situated on top of a tiny hill and spreading to around 183 acres; is home to the Prime Meridian Line and the Royal Observatory. It is also close to the National Maritime Museum.

The park is a favoured location for picnics especially in the summer months as can be seen from the picture above. We visited the park yesterday (24th April) and the whole park was dotted with visitors enjoying a warm day under the sun.

 The park provides some spectacular views across London.

In the picture above you can see the Queens House in the background and Canary Wharf too. Roughly in the centre and on top of the hill is the Royal Observatory.

The park has over 400-year-old chestnut trees as well as manicured formal royal gardens and a lake.

The flower garden was a colourful treat to the eyes. Tulips of various colours were in full bloom. It was a very beautiful sight.

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