Thames Walk : Caversham Bridge, Fry's Island, Reading Bridge, Caversham Lock and Weir, Kings Meadow, Oracle Parkway

We set out on yet another walk along the Thames today, this time heading on the route to Sonning. But we did not walk until Sonning though. Plan to do that path on some other weekend.

The path we followed (can be seen in the Google map above) was -
(A) Caversham Bridge, Fry's Island, (C) Reading Bridge, (D) Caversham Lock and Weir, (E) Kings Meadow until (G) Oracle Parkway.

Our starting point like last time was the Caversham Bridge, which is a bridge across the River Thames between Caversham and the town centre of Reading. It carries the A4155 road across the river and also provides pedestrians access to the adjacent mid-river Piper's Island.

Soon after the bridge is the Fry's Island right in the middle of the river.

Fry's island is followed by the Reading Bridge which is a road bridge over the River Thames. The bridge links the centre of Reading on the south bank with the Lower Caversham area of the cross-river suburb, and former village, of Caversham on the north bank. It crosses the river a short way above the Caversham Lock.

The Caversham Lock and weir are situated a little ahead on this path. The weir is almost parallel to the lock and carries a footbridge across the river. The lock is connected to De Bohun Island, a somewhat larger than normal lock island. The island contains a typical lock keeper's house. The lock keeper here had a lovely black Rottie as a pet.

A picturesque walk along the Thames on this path leads to the King's Meadow which is a park stretching from the Coal Woodland to King's Meadow Road near Reading Bridge. The park's landscape is open fields right up to the river bank, with some perimeter trees and an avenue from Napier Road. The park grounds are used as playing fields by the public and football clubs throughout the year.

From here we continued walking until the Oracle Parkway finally resting here for some time before heading back to Caversham Bridge.

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