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Hello and thanks for visiting The Globe Trotter!

I'm Deeptha, a travel blogger and a freelance content creator. Along with my husband, Bhavin (who shares my passion for travel), I started The Globe Trotter in 2009. It was meant primarily to keep a record of all our journeys and to share our travel photos and blogs with family and friends. But with the passage of time, the blog has grown into a bigger space where we share our knowledge about all things travel with our blog readers.

We both love to travel and have been travelling together as a couple since 2004. Travelling and discovering the world makes us happy and not to forget the lasting memories that it creates. The adage 'Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer' holds true for us.

We have had some amazing experiences on our travels, made new friends and experienced new cultures. Travelling has also helped us to understand ourselves better and given us a better perspective on life. So, come and join us on our adventures as we set out to explore the world - little by little.

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  1. Great way of recording your life together and planning future adventures

    1. Yes, it indeed is. Thanks for you comment.


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