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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Keen Terradora | Women's Waterproof Boots

Keen recently unveiled a new women-specific footwear collection - Terradora. The lightweight hiking boot which doubles as an around-town trekker offers flexible freedom and all-day comfort and has been designed specifically for women. The stylish Terradora is perfect to wear around town and equally perfect for hiking trips. It is kind of like a well-thought combination of a hiking shoe with the comforts of a sneaker - a perfect mix of the sporty and casual styles. No wonder Terradora won the 2017 Op Pad Outdoor Awards in the Shoe Category.

Keen Terradora | Women's Waterproof Boots - Review

Brilliant Views of Oxford from the Top of The University Church of St Mary

The University Church of St Mary the Virgin or simply St Mary's (as it is popularly known) is an interesting church in Oxford. While the church in itself is beautiful, the main draw from a visitor's perspective is the church tower. The upper gallery of the tower is open to the public and affords beautiful views of Oxford - probably the best views of the town!

Inside the University Church of St Mary in Oxford

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