Valley of Flowers : An Eventful Journey

An eventful journey that I will never forget is our visit to Valley of Flowers (in 2007). Situated high in the Himalayas in the Uttaranchal region of India, Valley of Flowers is a stunning valley flanked by mighty mountains on both sides. During the colder months, the valley remains frozen but in Summer, the snow begins to melt and is replaced by a myriad range of colourful blooms. It is said that a different set of alpine flowers bloom every 15 days. In addition to its beautiful flora, the valley is also home to rare and endangered animals. No wonder, the national park is in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Our onward journey from Delhi was uneventful but stunning for most part. Serpentine roads wound around the mighty mountains and each bend offered a breath-taking view. At times the roads were so treacherous that a slight deviation from the path would have meant a plummet into the mighty Alaknanda River flowing below. Our journey took us through numerous small villages, past converging rivers and many waterfalls. After a very long journey we reached Ghangria, a small village that serves as the base camp for all those interested in visiting the Valley of Flowers.

A Peaceful Retreat in New Forest | Careys Manor Hotel

New Forest National Park is a wonderful place to be. Located less than 2 hours drive from London, the national park is a beautiful blend of ancient woodland and open heathlands, a number of wildlife attractions, museums and other points of interest within the park. Whatever the season you are visiting in, there is always something to see and do in the national park.

And located in New Forest National Park is Careys Manor Hotel, a hotel which we visited a couple of weeks back.

Careys Manor Hotel in New Forest

Photo Diary | Burton-on-the-Water, Cotswolds

Burton-on-the-Water is one of the most popular villages in Cotswolds. It is often referred to as the 'Little Venice' of the Cotswolds because of a series of beautiful, low stone bridges that extend across a section of the River Windrush. The river flows through the centre of the village and is crossed by these arched pedestrian bridges. The village has a lovely little high street and a number of tourist attractions:
  • The Model Village: a replica of the village with miniature buildings where you are sure to feel like a giant.
  • The Motor Museum: whose collection includes cars, motorbikes, bicycles and some motoring memorabilia.
  • Birdland Park and Gardens: which is home to more than 500 birds including flamingos, pelicans, penguins, hornbills, cranes, ibis and a number of waterfowl.
  • The Dragonfly Maze: located near Birdland, this one is a yew hedge maze that children are sure to enjoy.
  • The Cotswolds Perfumery: where in addition to shopping you can also learn how to make perfume. Courses need to be booked in advance and I think the starter course is a day course lasting around 8 hours.
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