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Friday, February 23, 2018

Basel Fasnacht 2018 | Monday Afternoon Cortege

Post the Morgenstreich, we spent some more time in the alleyways around Marktplatz before heading to our hotel (Swissotel Le Plaza) to catch up on some sleep. A few hours of sleep and a hot bath later we were recharged and headed back to Marktplatz to watch the official afternoon procession - the Cortege.

Basel Fasnacht 2018 | Monday Afternoon Cortege

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Basel Fasnacht 2018 | The Morgenstreich

We have just returned from Basel and what a fabulous four days it was. We were in the city to experience the Fasnacht - Basel's annual carnival. The Basel Fasnacht starts on the Monday after Ash Wednesday and lasts three days. For most residents of the city, the Fasnacht is the most happening time of the year; something they wait for very eagerly. As visitors to the city, it was equally a highlight and a wonderful experience for us.

Basel Fasnacht 2018

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