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Culture of Scotland

One of the things that interested me most on our visit to Scotland was its culture. Scottish people are of Celtic origin and take immense pride in their culture and work. Scotland has its own national church, its own set of language and dialects and its own traditional music.

Scottish music has retained its charm even among all the new forms of music coming up all over the world. Though bagpipe is the instrument that comes to mind when one thinks of Scottish music, there are other instruments too. The Accordion, the fiddle, the guitar, tin whistle and the harp - all are an integral part of the Scottish music culture.

Though there are many varities of Bagpipes used all over the world, the name bagpipe has become assocaited with the most widely known one - The Great Highland Bagpipe. When we crossed over from England to Scotland, we were greeted by a Scottish man playing the bagpipe.

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