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The "Very Good Trip" by Renault all set to begin

Well folks, the adventure trip is all set to begin. The 8 teams each representing an European country have been selected and will get to travel through Europe in the new Renault Coupés- Cabriolets.

After a long selection process the 8 teams were revealed at the Cannes Festival 2010.

See what the selected teams were upto at Cannes 2010

The trip begins on June 14th and will run upto July 12th with all the 16 members maintaining their travel logs and stories. You can follow their journey on the web as they travel all over Europe gathering votes from the internet users.The team with the largest nimber of points wins! And this is where you come in because its your votes that count.

So, lets take a look at the 8 teams that are taking part in this amazing adventure.

Team - Ana&Manu
The team from Madrid comprising of two young models who want to put up a good fight for the winners spot.

Team - Les Sisters

The team from Belgium featuring two sisters who have the support of their entire family behind them!

Team - Team X-berg

Timo and Rhon - an explosive pair from Berlin whose charismatic smiles are sure to get them the votes. Ladies watch out for this team

Team - The A Team

The team from UK has friends Angela and Richard ready to steam right ahead in the trip!!

Team - Bari Roma

The team from Italy featuring two two dashing single men.

Team - Rob & Denise

This team from Netherlands featuring the youngest members of the group has two schoolmates. Here's wishing the youngest team all the luck.

Team - TeamTeam

This team from France has promised to bring in lot of fun to the amzing trip

Team - Les Malbares

The Swiss team featuring Lorin & Cyril are brimming with motivation and energy and hope to win the trip.

Now that you have seen the 8 teams all that you need to do is start voting for yuor favourite team.
For more information on the Very Good Trip - do visit the official website at www.renault.co.uk/verygoodtrip

Are you on Facebook? You can then follow the Very Good Trip on their fanpage - http://www.facebook.com/verygoodtrip2010

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