The 'Very Good Trip' by Renault

Renault, currently ranked the world's fourth largest automaker and famously known for its revolutionary designs, has come up with a wonderful concept to launch their new cars - Coupés- Cabriolets, New Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet and Wind.

The concept is called 'Very Good Trip'.

It is a reality show type of adventure trip wherein 8 teams each representing an European country will get to travel through Europe and in - hold your breath - the new Renault Coupés- Cabriolets.

Have a look at the new Renault Coupés- Cabriolets. Isn't she a beauty?

To participate you need to team up with a partner and post an extraordinary video CV on the Renaults website. By the end of May the selected lucky teams will be announced, who then hit the road until the first week of July. To register and for more details visit the Renault website. If you would like to follow the trip online and vote for your favourite teams, you can do that online too.

For more details visit the Renault website -

Want to feel free?

Watch this trailer video of the 'Very Good Trip' on Youtube.
This might give you the inspiration to take the plunge and create an amzing video CV for yourself.

You can become a fan of the 'Very Good Trip' on Facebook here.
Follow the road trip as it happens. Cool, isn't it?

So, what are you waiting for?? Visit the Renault site and join in the adventure.

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